3 thoughts on “Which Track Are You Studying For?

  1. I dont know why there is so much hype around getting a CCIE certification. This definitely does not imply that you know everything but seems to be more of a channel partner requirement.

    I have worked at the carrier level and found that some of the brightest people were not CCIE’s but had lots of experience and were just real smart..

  2. just to clarify , I am not knocking CCIE’s at all and I think that its a great achievement. However, dont market this as the only way to get big bucks and be the best at what you do.

    Its easy to make 6 figure salaries if you are really good and know your stuff. I guess if you only want to work for Cisco or one of the partners then that is fine to go for it. In reality you can find top networking people with or without it.

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