More FREE Stuff For Voice Candidates!!!

VoiceBootcamp is offering a unique opportunity for CCIE Voice or CCVP for low as as $1299 USD The Terms and Condition for VoiceBootcamp Exclusive offer is now posted. 

You can take a look at the Terms and condition and decide if you wish to continue.  Should you wish to continue you must proceed with the purpose otherwise you can ignore it.   To view Terms and Condition please go to this link – 

Seats QTYs are limited to 10 to 15.  So it first come first server and will last until Jan 31st 2010.    

Also don’t forget to download – Sample labs of our new product call – Call Routing and Dial Plan DVD set. Call Routing and Dial Plan DVD set will contain over 50 labs focusing on how to create/configure dial plan on Cisco IOS Router as well as Unified Communication Manager.   Dial Plan being one of the toughest topic in CCIE Voice and real world deployment, so we decided to come up with these videos.   

Download – Free Video Labs of – Call Routing and Dial Plan DVD – go to and click on Download Center

The Full version will be around $499 to $699 USD.   However if you do purchase the Exclusive Offer Kit then you will receive it for Free.  This is a rare opportunity and you know how much a CCIE VOICE cost around the world.

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