CCDE Study

Hello All:

I have been thinking about how to study for the CCDE exams. From what I see and have gotten from some CCDE’s, this test is like no other.

So besides reading the mountain of books from the recommended reading list I decided to see what was out there for CCDE training.

There are reasons that it may not seem that a class can do much for you for the CCDE exams. Yes, a broad background and EXPERIENCE in desigining hi-end HA networks is a must. So how would classroom training fit into the equation?
For this set of exams, you have to create a process, a mindset, a way of thinking and resolving customer requirements. To get into this process, the training can help you think the way that a CCDE must think.

I found a vendor who offers CCDE training – CCDEBootcamp
They offer training for both the written and lab portions of the exam.  They have a CCDE who is first a network deigner and an instructor second.  I have had some correspondence with them and they seem to be very helpful and interested in seeing their pupils succeed. I asked them about self paced materials and they are in the process of developing them to be release later this year.

Any of you studying for the CCDE certification take a look. Who knows, they might be able to be the difference between a frustrating 8 hours or success.

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203

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