CCIE Agent™ Eman Launches New Website

If I am a member of your network or you of mine (how does that work anyway?), you may know I have been working diligently to reach as many hiring companies and CCIEs as possible.  In my quest for perfection I am a student of the internet.  But while I was still enrolling in the, “School of the Ether” I did a few things I was not sure at the time were wise.  I registered URLs.   Yup I was thinking that I might need them when I was starting out in this arena a few years ago specifically focused on CCIEs and Cisco Channel Partners.  So even though there is a training company out there using CCIEJOBS.COM as a tag/keyword I actually own CCIEJOBS.COM along with,,,,,, (of course), and more. (heck I can’t show my entire hand).  At the time I was doing this I was not sure if I would need them or even use them.  Then I started seeing the plethora of companies claiming to be recruiting CCIEs.  Some were simply pulling down ads they found posted by competitors just to play games, others keeping postings out there just to collect resumes and still others taking time off from their real jobs to try their hand at recruiting.  No disrespect but come on people, you just don’t start recruiting CCIEs because you can toss around the acronym.  I get calls constantly from recruiters who want to partner or pick my brain.  Typical questions are, “What is the difference between the written and the lab?”  “Why do network engineers need certification?” “Why do Cisco resellers want CCIEs?”  I will hop on LinkedIn while they are talking and pull up their profiles only find out they were working in sandwich shops, insurance companies, used cars dealerships, Wal-Mart, or they have been recruiting from utero.   Now they claim to be CCIE recruiters. 

So to make things easier I dusted off the old URL and decided to use it for posting the work I am getting from around the world.  Specifically from Cisco Channel partners and yes there are a few that do not require a CCIE, but network engineers never the less.   So as I populate the site with my team’s activities and the demands from around the world I ask you to go have a look.

CCIEJOBS.COM a better place to see the jobs for CCIEs that will make a difference in your career.