Interview With CCIE #26385 – Passed Lab On First Attempt!!!

Kabir – first of all congratulations on passing the CCIE R&S exam on the FIRST attempt!!!!

Thank you. Its a dream come true.

Kabir, what got you started in the networking world? How long have you been working with Cisco products?

As it happened I studied computer science as a major. Almost all the modules I took bored me but was fascinated by what I learnt in a module called data communications. I kept asking my self questions like how does the internet work? As a result I decided to pursue a career in networking. As for Cisco products I would say I have been working with them for the best part of three years.

What made you want to become a CCIE?

When I started the CCIE was the apex of the Cisco Certification triangle. It is only natural to want to be at the top. And then there are guys like Scott, Narbik, Brian and Brian that we all dream to be like someday. The most important factor to me though was the drive and desire to better myself.

What products did you use?

I read almost all the recommended Cisco Press titles. Routing TCP/IP et al and INE vol 1 and vol 2 workbooks. The Documentation cd for reference and clarification. A couple of Narbiks labs. He offers some of them for free on Group Study.

From the time that you started studying to the time that you passed the lab, how long was it?

It tool me almost 2 years. Between that though I went to school for a masters degree for a year. I had to prepare and take the written exams twice.

When you were practicing, how many hours a week were you labbing?

I would say I spent 5-6 hours daily on my rack labbing stuff up on weekdays and 8-10 hours during weekends.

Tell us a bit about the day of your lab and how you thought you did when you left.

I took the lab in dubai. We started at 7:30 am. I couldn’t sleep a day to the lab because of nerves. I went with scotts voice from ipexperts old audio in my mind. That the overall lab experience has everything to do with psychology. The TS section went on well and the config was also straight forward. After the lab I had a chart of the points I thot I had got and was confident I had passed.

When you got the good news, what was the first thing you did?

Everything that happened on that night was kind of fuzzy. I could remember talking on the phone with my parents and then could also remember talking on the phone with my mentor.

Do you have plans to go for another lab?

Yes, most definately. Thinking of going into voice or sp.

Do you have any words of advice for folks that are on the CCIE journey that may help them out?

Yep.. a lot of the lab has to do with psychology and don’t attempt the lab unless you are pretty confident with the stuff on the lab blue print. I would also suggest labbing everything up to see for ones self.


Kabir Ibrahim