I took the 1 Day CCDE Mini Bootcamp from CCDEBOOTCAMP yesterday. For those of you working toward the CCDE or who have passed, you might say – what can you possibly do in one day that could be of benefit?

I was curious about that as well, but for less than $400 I figured I’d see for my self. I am sure glad that I made the investment!!! We definitely covered a lot of material quickly. The idea of the course is to give people an idea of where your head needs to be concerning the technologies to be successful on the CCDE practical exam.

I was really impressed by the way we covered each topic, with plenty of interaction. This, like any other expert level class, expects a certain level of competency with the technologies before attending.

Here is the agenda from the class:

Data Center & General Design

– General Design Concepts & Best Practices

– OSPF Best Practices

– EIGRP Best Practices

– Fast Convergence Time Techniques & Best Practices

Service Provider

– BGP Optimization

– Intra AS-VPN Options

– Optimization in SP Networks

Quality of Service

– The Need for QOS

– General QOS Design (PE – CE)



– L2TP




– Pseudowire

Security & Network Management

– Network Management Design Best Practices

– Security Design Best Practices

As you can see from the agenda, it was a busy day. We obviously talked about the technologies not from an idea of learning them, but from a level of best practices, tweaks and overall best design scenarios. We also were able to cover some “what if” discussions surrounding some of the technologies to illustrate the why of the recommendation.

This class is of course much different from their regular CCDE bootcamp class which is ALL based on doing scenarios like you would see in the practical exam.

So, I went in a skeptic about what someone could glean for the CCDE practical and came out with an open mind seeing how one could benefit from learning and focusing on the thought process required to be successful on he exam.

Thanks Martin and CCDEBOOTCAMP for the great day!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Larry Hadrava

CCIE #12203

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On CCDEBOOTCAMP’s 1 DAY Mini CCDE BOOTCAMP

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  2. Why CCDE bootcamp don’t conduct this mini and full length bootcamp in online class format so that other people around the world can take it’s benifits

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