I attended the MPLS online mentoring session today from Netmasterclass. Bruce Caslow was the instructor. Now, you might be asking why would I attend this since it is geared toward CCIE R&S candidates and I passed the lab over 7 years ago.

The answer is simple – I think everyone needs to stay up on technologies and needs to stay fresh. I have been in more of a managerial role for the past year or so. I need every chance that I can get to dig back into the “fun” stuff.

Anyway, the class was really good. We were given a very detailed document that gave basic configurations and diagrams to lab up and test MPLS. There were also an extensive list of troubleshooting commands as well as good tips on MPLS. Bruce stresses a “predictive” approach to learning. This means that he teaches and mentors and encourages everyone to learn to the level that you can predict what the output of a show or debug command should be to verify the correct operation of a solution. By doing so, you really learn the technologies well beyond spitting out commands in reaction to a requirement. This type of learning is also very beneficial for the troubleshooting section of the lab (and in the real world). I found this approach to be refreshing. If I would have had this type of training available when i was studying for the lab, I would have had less “expensive lunches”!!

This was meant to be a demo of some new online mentoring sessions that they will be offering. The sessions will be held several times a week over a 21 week period. They will be recorded so they can be reviewed. There was a lot of live interaction with Bruce during the session and Bruce said this is how he wants all of the sessions to be. My opinion is that these sessions would be of benefit to candidates as well as CCIE’s that are looking to brush up on the tricks of the trade.

Here is a link for more information:

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203

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