Netmasterclass Live Online Group Mentoring – Followup

Hello All:

I have been able to sit in on several of the Netmasterclass live online group mentoring sessions over the past couple of weeks. This has been a very positive experience for me and others that are in the mentoring sessions. Bruce Caslow is leading the sessions.

The sessions are planned in advance on the topic that will be covered so you know what to study for that session. Unlike many online sessions, these are highly interactive. Bruce involves the attendees by asking questions and many times waiting for an answer from most of the attendees before proceeding.

During the sessions, a strategy for configuring the technology is discussed. This is a big piece to the effectiveness of these mentoring sessions. By giving this plan of attack for the technology, you can easily start to compile your toolbox for the lab.

When Bruce is showing the configuration phase, he shows how to verify at each crucial step to ensure that the expected result is seen before going to the next step. This is very important with the troubleshooting section being in the lab. If you know what success looks like at various phases of implementing a technology, it is much easier and faster to spot the issue during the troubleshooting section of the lab.

I am highly impressed with the way in which these Live Online Group Mentoring sessions are conducted and highly recommend them to augment your study . The sessions often reference the Cisco 360 materials, but I think anyone that using any of the major vendors materials could easily benefit from these sessions.

Feel free to share your experience with these sessions. If you have questions about the sessions please contact Rauf of Bruce directly.

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203

CCDE Practice Exam’s By Jeremy Filliben

Hello All:
I saw a post from Jeremy Filliben that got my attention. jeremy is offering a series of CCDE labs followed up with several hours of review of the lab via a Webex session.

Here is the announcement from his blog ( )

CCDE Practice Exam Offering
I am breaking from my normal technology writing to unveil a new CCDE Practical practice exam opportunity.

What Is It?
This CCDE practice exam offering is intended to replicate the style and difficulty of an individual scenario presented during the CCDE Practical Exam (352-011).  Each scenario begins with a multi-page overview document, followed by up to 25 technical questions and additional documents.  The questions are in the style of actual CCDE Practical exam questions, similar to those found in theCCDE Practical Demo on Cisco Learning Network.  I am limiting this offering to a small number of candidates for this initial attempt.

What Is It Not?
This is not an actual graded exam.  It did not come from Cisco, and was not used during a real CCDE exam.  This exam was also not built using the Adobe Flash engine.  It is delivered via PDF.  The question styles and the technical difficulty of the questions closely follows the actual exam, but none of these questions will be found on an actual exam.  In other words, no NDAs were violated during the construction of these exams.

What Will You Receive?
Two days before the scheduled Webex session you will receive an email with two attachments.  The first is an overview of the CCDE Practical Exam.  It describes the exam environment, the structure of the exam and the types of questions you will receive during the exam.  You will also receive guidance on how to complete the practice exam.  For example, this exam is intended to be closed book.
The second attachment is the practice exam scenario, in PDF format.  At the current time, there are four different practice exams available, each consisting of approximately twenty questions.  Two of the exams are Enterprise-based, and two are focused on a Service Provider network.  All CCDE candidates registering for a specific practice exam session will receive the same exam.  The exam is intended to take 60 to 90 minutes to complete.
The last item you will receive is a login id/password for the three hour exam review session.  The date and time of the session is clearly listed on the Eventbrite registration page.  Due to my schedule, I will be unable to offer multiple review sessions for the same exam.  Please be certain to clear your schedule for the duration of the review session.  If an illness or unforeseen emergency prevents an individual from attending the review session we will make an effort to schedule a second session, but I cannot guarantee my availability.  During the review session we will work our way through the exam and I will show you where to find the information to correctly answer each question.  This review session is intended to be highly interactive.  Candidate questions are encouraged and expected… I want you to challenge my answers and assumptions.

Pricing and Registration
A single practice exam is priced at $695 (US Currency).  A pair of practice exams is priced at $995.  Due to limited timing before the next CCDE Practical offering (scheduled for Friday, November 12th), I will only be able to offer two practice exams at this time.  To appeal to the widest audience, I have chosen one Enterprise exam and one Service Provider-based exam for this offering.  The Enterprise exam will be distributed to registered candidates on Tuesday, November 2nd and reviewed on Thursday, November 4th from 9am to noon (Eastern US Time Zone).  The Service Provider exam will be distributed to registered candidates on Friday, November 5th and reviewed on Tuesday, November 9th from 9am to noon (Eastern US Time Zone).

The Practice Exam Registration pages can be found at the following links:
Single Enterprise Exam –
Single Service Provider Exam –
Both Practice CCDE Exams –
Why Am I Doing This?
The number one complaint I’ve heard about the CCDE program is the lack of practice opportunities for the practical exam.  Cisco did a great service to the candidates by publishing a sample exam on Cisco Learning Network.  Without it I would have struggled greatly with the format of the exam. But Cisco’s demo exam does not even begin to represent the amount of reading or the depth of the technical questions on the actual test.  My practice exam offering replicates the actual exam’s technical depth and ambiguity.  Those candidates who have already sat for the practical exam know what I mean by this!  🙂

I have taught several week-long CCDE Practical courses for a well-known Cisco Learning Solutions Partner.  They have been very rewarding experiences for me, and based on the feedback, for the students too.  While I fully intend to continue teaching that course, I also want to offer a resource for candidates who cannot take a week-long break from their normal lives to prepare for this certification program.  If you have recently taken the full week training offering, you are already familiar with the two exams included in this specific offering.  They have been updated based on the students’ feedback and comments.

Additional Information
I am limiting these events to a small number of participants.  It isn’t clear to me how many candidates I can include in a single WebEx session while maintaining the interactive nature of the event.  I may increase the enrollment for future offerings, depending on how well this initial attempt goes.
If you have any questions about this opportunity, please email me at, or post a comment to this post.

I personally feel that this offering from jeremy will be a great tool for CCDE candidates. Hope to see you in one of the sessions soon!!1

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203


Hello All:
I was wondering if any of you have signed up for a CCIE Bootcamp course only to arrive to find that you were overwhelmed or felt unprepared? Maybe you felt discouraged because you spent the time and money to go to the course and couldn’t get everything out of it that you could have.

You are not alone. Many folks have this feeling. So how can this be avoided? Most CCIE learning providers will give you advice on reading lists or want you to participate in an assessment before the class. These items are good and serve the purpose. But what if you start to do the reading and are lost  or fail the assessment miserably? What then? Do you postpone the class?

My reason for writing is to see if there is any interest in a CCIE R&S Primer series of products ( mainly on-line video training ) that would go over the items in the blueprint at a level to prepare you to be at a point where you could get much more out of a bootcamp.

I personally attended a bootcamp many years ago and had this type of experience. If I could have had such items available I could have saved time and money.

Let me know your thoughts. If there is enough interest I might have a solution:-)

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203

IPexpert Compiling Blog Posts Into FREE CCIE Library

I saw a post on Groupstudy from Tyson over at IPexpert mentioning that they were compiling blog posts into a CCIE library type of format which is FREE to all.

Here is the post:

We are starting to create our blog postsinto a technical library that can be used as a free resource.  Here is the list of current topics available.
Right now it is just broken down by CCIE.  We will be updating it soon to bebroken apart by blueprint topic etc. We will be updating it soon to bebroken apart by blueprint topic etc.  I hope this is helpful to everyone.

Tyson Scott – CCIE #13513
R&S, Security, and SPManaging Partner / Sr. Instructor – IPexpert, Inc.