Netmasterclass Live Online Group Mentoring – Followup

Hello All:

I have been able to sit in on several of the Netmasterclass live online group mentoring sessions over the past couple of weeks. This has been a very positive experience for me and others that are in the mentoring sessions. Bruce Caslow is leading the sessions.

The sessions are planned in advance on the topic that will be covered so you know what to study for that session. Unlike many online sessions, these are highly interactive. Bruce involves the attendees by asking questions and many times waiting for an answer from most of the attendees before proceeding.

During the sessions, a strategy for configuring the technology is discussed. This is a big piece to the effectiveness of these mentoring sessions. By giving this plan of attack for the technology, you can easily start to compile your toolbox for the lab.

When Bruce is showing the configuration phase, he shows how to verify at each crucial step to ensure that the expected result is seen before going to the next step. This is very important with the troubleshooting section being in the lab. If you know what success looks like at various phases of implementing a technology, it is much easier and faster to spot the issue during the troubleshooting section of the lab.

I am highly impressed with the way in which these Live Online Group Mentoring sessions are conducted and highly recommend them to augment your study . The sessions often reference the Cisco 360 materials, but I think anyone that using any of the major vendors materials could easily benefit from these sessions.

Feel free to share your experience with these sessions. If you have questions about the sessions please contact Rauf of Bruce directly.

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203

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