Emans Predictions for 2011


No this is not like Back to the Future.  It is just a note on how I think 2011 is going to turn out.  Nostradamus reaches out this way in time from a long time ago.  He issued his predictions from a different easy chair and different vantage point.  But I will try, just by using the contacts I have in the industry and the conversations with many people heading initiatives as they begin their own safaris to bag the elusive CCIE.

The future for CCIEs is bright

There is going to continue to be a strong demand for them from the Cisco Channel Partners in fact it is going to increase and drive up salaries for these certified professionals in the USA and abroad.  Yes the demand from other sectors will compete with Cisco resellers more heavily than in the past. Government agencies in UAE and KSA have joined in the chorus of those asking for help from my team in locating CCIEs.  In the USA similarly, government projects have been attracting different flavors of them and from the UK and Afghanistan we see demand rising.  Part of the problem is that most recruiting has been done by folks who are not technical enough to find a Network professional.  It is easier for them to believe that the technologies are some voodoo mumbo jumbo.  This translates into companies asking for the CCIE certification rather than the person who best fills the role.  I predict that we will see more technology people in recruiting slots helping hiring managers select qualified staff regardless of certification.  But the CCIE legend continues to grow as the emerging markets for Cisco grow.

New Year’s Eve is the best night of the year

I don’t know of any other evening where so many people float their hope on a threshold of time.  It seems that from North, South, East and West a sea of humanity waits on the edge of their collective seats for a breath of hope to stir from the clock.  In NYC everyone knows there is a collection of crazies pressed into a small place for a simple ritual.  They are prevented from drinking by the collection of law enforcement officers assembled and the bar curfew in affect in Times Square.  Yet they still come undaunted by weather or the economy or the proximity to the many thousands of others assembled there.

The Ball Drop

By the time midnight arrives in NYC it has already swept across the East.  In Orkney the “ba” has either been taken by the Doonies or the Uppies, the Greeks have had their Vasilopita, and of course we already know Nowruz was celebrated in March for the year 1389 !نوروز تان مبارک The rituals according to the Gregorian New Year, begin in (of all places) the Christmas Islands where the first New Year’s Eve begins and ends.  The hand of time sweeps across the globe until finally 24 hours later Pago Pago sees both of Mickey’s hands pointing above his head.

What does this mean to you?

I predict that the jobless recovery is at its end.  Yes I will go on a limb and predict the jobs are going to spread as spending for IT resources renews.  We have seen reserved and conservative spending before.  Remember after Y2K?  Large 1999 budget expenditures created a backlash in IT spending for a long time.  Well here we are at the end of a long period of jobless prosperity and the purses are opening up in 2011.

In Greece we will watch an exodus of CCIEs similar to the one we saw in Detroit and Iceland.  But the light at the end of the tunnel will show in six months or so for those able to weather the storm and recovery will come slow.  Turkey will act as a magnet for CCIEs in their region.  Egyptian CCIEs will continue to be in big demand as a community.

The population of women CCIEs will grow by leaps and bounds as they continue to take on the challenge of CCIE certification.  The original bunch of CCIEs is retiring and the second generation is aging so the current generation has a chance of setting a different balance in the future.  A welcome site in many enterprises will be the women of networking.

For the team here at CCIE Agent, Ltd we are growing because there is only so much we can do as a small team.  Virtual is good for many but within the CCIE community remaining a physical presence is what works best.  Our clients and our network will benefit best from this effort because CCIEs deserve the best representation they can find.  We remain the best representatives for CCIEs globally.

So in all I see the light at the end of the tunnel has reached us before 2012 when I will share my predictions on the demise of our planet!


Happy New Year and let’s go back to 2011!


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