Interview With Anthony Sequeira

I get emails quite often asking me “What is Anthony up to these days?”. With so much interest  in this, I decided to get the answers straight from the man himself.

Anthony, thanks for taking the time to do this interview!!!
The pleasure is all mine Larry. So sorry it has taken me so long. I have never been busier in my life thus far.

Good things are worth waiting for:-)

Pretty much everyone that has been studying for the CCIE lab the last couple of years knows you and your voice. How does it feel to be a “household name” in the CCIE world?
It feels truly amazing. It really does. To see my name mentioned with Scott Morris and Narbik all the time is just thrilling. I have also been able to become good friends with those guys and it is wonderful and inspiring. Both of those greats are going to be Guest Experts in our Cisco training at StormWind Live and it will be such an honor for us. While I struggle to keep up with them technically, we share something very special. We really do deeply care about the success of our students, and even those we will never see or collect a dime from in tuition. I cannot say this for many others in the Cisco training space.

So, tell us something about Anthony that we probably do not know.
I just played my guitar and sang for an audience for the first time and it went great. I am forming an acoustic act with a good friend in Florida. I will be singing a lot in my new Cisco classes. That will be much to the dismay of my audiences there!

That is amazing!! I will have to come down and hear you and the group sometime. I find it interesting that even in your other parts of life you still relate it to training. You seem to love doing training. What is it that makes you like it so much?
I am so passionate about learning Cisco technologies, so it is an INCREDIBLE blessing to get paid to help people from all around the world learn Cisco. I am at nearly 1,000 Facebook friends and most of these are students. We chat all the time and it is just amazing.

Does it ever get old when someone emails you and tells you that they could not have passed their lab without your help?A
LOL – no way. I become very close friends with my students so it always feels amazing. I get to celebrate all the time. Last week, my friend from a bootcamp, Matthias Buchholz emailed me his number and it was just so thrilling. It makes all the time spent away from my beautiful family worth it.

Are you going to go for another IE anytime soon?
Yes indeed! I have finally committed to that and it is all thanks to Wayne Lawson at IPexpert. I am doing their Blended Learning Solution for Security. It is just awesome so far. Their success rate with students speaks volumes on its own, but now I really do see why they are so successful. StormWind Live will have lots of exciting partnerships with IPexpert I am sure. The no brainer one we are looking at is partnering with Proctor Labs for students to get access to awesome Cisco equipment. I think Wayne and IPexpert are completely poised and ready to completely dominate the CCIE space, and they deserve to.

I have to agree that Wayne and the gang at IPexpert do a great job with the products and provide some great tools to the CCIE training community. I used their products to pass the R&S lab and was honored to work with Scott Morris in writing parts of the very first Detailed Solutions Guides IPexpert published back in the 2003 timeframe. IPexpert has a solid product line with the Blended Learning Solution which I would recommend to anyone that is serious about passing the lab.

Do you have any new and exciting Cisco Press projects in the working? I am doing three chapters on the new FIREWALL cert guide for CCNP Security. Great timing on that project since I am now dreaming about Cisco SEC.

I see that you have left INE and started a new venture – tell us about it.
Resigning from INE was pretty tough for me because of how much I poured my soul into that company for 2.5 years. In the end though, the opportunity to work for Tom Graunke, co-founder of KnowledgeNet, was just too compelling. His vision and leadership eclipses anything I have ever experienced in a company. He has surrounded himself with incredible talent at StormWind Live. Corey Frank leads Sales and he is truly a remarkable person. I report directly to Tom Warrick. He will ensure these classes look and sound mesmerizing. In fact, mesmerizing was the word I just used in review of our first class. We ran Implementing Active Directory last week and I was hanging on the lead instructor’s (Doug Bassett) every word. Myself, Chris Ward, and Mike Vazquez appeared as Guest Experts in the event. It was really, really compelling. The students have been raving. Here is a demo of what our classes are like. One thing though, they already look and sound a lot better than this demo! No kidding! Check it out here!!!

Excellent!! I’m looking forward (as I am sure many others are as well) to see all of the wonderful training products that you will be providing the community. I always ask – because it’s free to ask 🙂
Do you have any specials for the readers of this blog?

You bet. I am so excited for what Corey Frank has allowed me to do for your readers. They can purchase an All Access Cisco Training Pass for $2990. Normally the tuition is $4490. I know this sounds insane, but this $2990 includes over $35,000 worth of classes, labs, and support materials. At StormWind Live, we have the ability to really accommodate all of the needs of a student. From Elite Mentoring to the inspiring Live Online Classes. This is not death by PowerPoint and a complete lack of instructor contact and interaction like many students have had to suffer with. Anyone interested in this can just contact me at I am also on Twitter @compsolv and Facebook.

Larry, thank you so much for this opportunity to speak about the remarkable events happening in my life right now. You do such a wonderful job supporting students all over the world…in fact, at the very least, we want you to be a Guest Expert in our CCNP/CCIE series!!!!!

Wow – now that is a humbling honor!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with the community what you have been up to. Everyone is looking forward to seeing all of the fun and exciting products that you will be putting out!!!

New Book Review – PKI Uncovered

I recently had the pleasure of reading PKI Uncovered: Certificate-Based Security Solutions for Next-Generation Networks from Cisco Press.

This book sure packs a lot of info into a slim 252 page book. I was pleased to see that there was no lack of technical content.
The book seems to be targeted at experienced  cryptographers as well as those reading about the subject for the first time. This is evidenced by the first chapter: Crypto Refresh. This chapter reviews key concepts that lay the foundation for the chapters to come.

I really was impressed with the detailed diagrams included in the explanations and examples. Many times, high level concepts are not illustrated well, leading to confusion. Not so in this book.

This book also includes a nice chapter on troubleshooting. PKI can be a challenge at times to figure out just what is not working. The troubleshooting chapter breaks down the process into three logical areas: Keying Material Generation, Enrollment Process and Certificate Use and Validation. By breaking down the troubleshooting process in this manner, the reader is shown a methodology for identifying and isolating problems in a logical and sequential manner. Yes, there are plenty of examples in this section showing output from devices to support the narratives. The chapter ends with several pages of troubleshooting flow charts that will be a valuable tool for all that are faced with trying to fix PKI problems.

The book also includes chapters on PKI design in general along with specific  solutions including Site to Site VPN’s, Remote Access VPN’s, 802.1x, Unified Communications and Cisco Virtual Office.

I have carved out a slot on my security bookshelf for this great little gem. I think that anyone that is currently designing and supporting any PKI infrastructure or someone that is just breaking into PKI can benefit from this book.

You can see excerpts from PKI Uncovered here.

Larry Hadrava
CCIE #12203