I just got this from Eman concerning the current  demand for CCIE’s everywhere.

The current surge in hiring is continuing and as we all have heard, there are not enough CCIEs to go around, so the demand remains high as ever.  Among the hottest selling CCIEs are UC skilled ones.  There are not enough Voice CCIEs so, of course that is what I get asked for most, but there are plenty of CCIEs that are skilled in the voice technologies required by hiring managers.  Now if there were more CCIEs in general life might be simpler, then all those recruiters that keep contacting me about needing them would be able to find them like I do.

So what do they need?

Data Center network engineers are in big demand

Unified Communications engineers are also in high demand

R&S CCIEs the plumbers of the internet are still in big demand

Security CCIEs round off the highest demand talents we are being asked for here at CCIE Agent, Limited. 

The interesting work is great that these Cisco Channel Partners are sending our way.  Some examples: A major TV station in the USA is in need of VoIP experts in the heart of NYC, a Theme park where the demands of VoIP, Linux and Apple device support is critical, a major telecom in New Jersey needs R&S CCIEs and Java developers, several Wall Street Projects that would highlight any CCIEs resume are pushing a couple of channels to seek our support, Casinos are rolling out and need support of their UC implementations, Hospital systems throughout the USA are short on Security and VoIP talent, A telecom in Kenya and most of Africa is looking for Wireless and VoIP experts from our network, Riyadh based channels are asking for help with UC skilled presales engineers, Oman and Qatar this week have opened up new roles requiring UC skilled and R&S CCIEs, Spain channels are asking for Spanish speaking UC skilled and R&S CCIEs along with Germany asking for the same skills.

So if you are interested in working in Zurich, Barcelona, Orlando, Toronto, San Diego, NYC, Qatar, Richmond, Munich, Atlanta, Boston, Kenya, Riyadh, Oman, Chicago, Montreal, Poland, LA, Berlin, Tampa, Jordan, New Jersey or any of the other cities we are covering for the Cisco Channel Partners we need to talk.  Send your resume to or call +1-302-438-1681 Skype id ccieagent LinkedIn join group CCIE Jobs or CCIE Network or connect directly with me there or on FaceBook CCIE Network or on Twitter, but whatever you do reach out to me because the world is waiting for us to send them your resume!

7 thoughts on “CCIE’s ARE IN DEMAND – NOW!!!

  1. I completely agree with the demand for CCIE skills world-wide. No wonder we have great demand from individuals to get trained from our institute in India.

    Please keep posting more information with regards to CCIE, which will help the Forum.



  2. Is it true that there are only about 22,000 CCIE certified people in the world? And what do you think the demand for CCIE people in next 5 years? I am purely looking at the Job Opportunities across the globe for CCIE Certfied including India?

    Thanks & appreciate your input in this regard.


  3. Thanks Hamid for your encouraging comments w.r.t. CCIE demand! We being a Training company in India, we have been overwhelmed with inquiries. Hoping to hear more such good news moving forward.


    Nagesh of Ideaon THINK

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